New Flavours

Join us on a journey to discover rare
& daring new flavours


We travelled to the end of the world to meet a few extraordinary men & women, custodians of nature’s best kept secrets, & we humbly learned from them in order to select those rare primal ingredients.

Only the most sophisticated extraction techniques & flavor base could magnify these treasured ingredients. So why not revolutionize extraction as well? That’s what we did!

“If someone explains you Cameroon

and you actually understand it,

he didn’t explain it right”

Alex Kratena


Why start our quest with pepper?

Pepper is an ingredient that is unparalleled in flavour and botanical richness on our planet.

It is both singular and plural. Singular because like the vine and wine, each pepper functions according to its variety, terroir and preparation, giving it a flavour footprint that is its own.

Plural because the pepper (piperaceae) family includes around 2750 species, and plants that belong to this family are creepers, plants or shrubs. 

On our quest for peppers and peppercorns, we have explored each continent and encountered remote populations cultivating endemic species for generations. We now aim to provide you with a selection of varieties whose originality and beauty stun us.



Nature has given us flavours of unbelievable complexity. 

Each ingredient contains hundreds of active molecules. This makes up its richness and beauty, but also makes it difficult to completely extract the substance, or to reconstitute it well.

The more molecules you have, the more different they are and the more complicated they are to collect. In addition, many are very volatile and unstable.

Extraction is a very delicate art, combining precise technologies from the fragrance domain with MONIN’s well-established expertise at developing flavours outside of the normal range of the nose and palate.

Our project uses a combination of three techniques: infusion, alcoholate (distillation) and supercritical CO2 extraction.


Because each extracts a particular flavour
profile and brings something different to the table – and combining them achieves the complete ingredient flavour spectrum.

Supercritical CO2 extraction takes advantage of the carbon dioxide properties to reproduce the smell of an aromatic material most accurately, without altering the plant.

First, the CO2 is transformed into a supercritical state between gas and liquid by placing it under pressure, at a temperature below 40°C. This enables the extraction of volatile aromatic substances,
achieving samples of exceptional olfactive quality and purity.

It’s important to note that the recycled CO2 doesn’t pollute: the technique respects the environment.

Gluconic acid

We discovered one very special honey in Cameroon: Oku honey, found deep in the Kilum ljim forest on Mount Oku. It naturally contains gluconic acid.

It’s the acid most present in honey. This acid has the perfect properties for our project, as it enhances the flavours without introducing a parasite note (like, for example, lemon), delivering a superior long-lasting effect.



Inspired by nature, this new generation of cordials showcases the aromatic at its best, while delivering a base that is dosed perfectly for sweet and sour – removing the need to add sweetness or acidity.

As a source of inspiration, we must never stop being surprised and amazed by Nature’s ingenuity.

We just simply have to open our eyes and see.



Discover new generation of Cordials, with rare and daring new flavours

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