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The Mystic collection

For this new chapter, we have traveled back in time to discover the origins of the quest for wisdom and spirituality of our civilizations. This odyssey had led us to the family of precious fragrances, particularly balsamics (Vetiver, Labdanum and Palo Santo), used throughout history to unite the visible to the invisible and reconnect humans to their inner selves. We have selected these three intoxicating treasures of nature to give you access to a subtle, quasi-mystical and unique sensory experience.





Steam distillation is an ancestral extraction method that relies on the properties of water in its state of vapor to efficiently drive certain molecules from essential oils.


MOLECULAR Distillation

Molecular distillation is a high vacuum fractional distillation. It is an extremely efficient physical refining technique for the separation, the purification of heavyweight molecules such as essential oils. The very short contact time of the molecules prevents their degradation from heat, thus preserving the original quality of the product.


Solvent extraction

Solvent extraction is a process which consists of separating the components of a mixture using a solvent. The solvent is chosen according to its capacity to selectively dissolve target substances while leaving other components intact. Once the target substances are dissolved in the solvent, they can then be collected through evaporation or other separation methods.



CO2 is heated and compressed to asupercritical state that is between liquid and gaseous. It is then passed through the raw material to extract the scented molecules. The supercritical CO2 then enters an expansion chamber, where the liquid and gaseous elements separate. We then collect the liquid, charged with the aromas, and mix it with the rest of the cordial’s ingredients.

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