Garden Palomita

Stéphane Moeslé



45ml Premium Tequila
20 ml PARAGON White Penja Pepper cordial ​
10ml MONIN Agave sugar
100ml Garden cordial soda
10gr citric acid or 15ml citric acid blend

Glass – Method – garnish – ice

Slice of beetroot and shiso leaf
Ice stick / Collins or ice cubes

To assemble and serve

For the Gardenia cordial soda : 80ml MONIN Spiced Red Berries, 60ml beetroot brine (liquid from the pickled beetroot).
Add the garden mix to the soda siphon and fill with cold water until the line 950ml is reached. Add one CO2 charger.
Build all the ingredient in a tumbler full of ice Mix and top with Garden cordial soda.
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